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Gear's Quick Guide to 15 HD Camcorders


High-definition camcorders are one of the super hot-ticket electronic devices this year. The number of available models is swelling rapidly and prices continue to drop. What better time for an HD camcorder guide?

This article covers current and coming HD camcorders from Canon, JVC, Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo and Sony. Each manufacturer is represented in the photo above. From left to right and top to bottom: Canon HV-10, Panasonic HDC-DX1, Samsung SC-HMX10, Sanyo VPC-HD1/VPC-HD1a, Sony HDR-UX7, JVC GZ-HD7.

Let's take a look at what is currently available and what you can expect in the next few months. First I'll help you understand a number of HD camcorder terms. Next, I'll present a table of the fifteen camcorders I've chosen for this guide and then I'll show you pictures of the camcorders and talk a little more in detail about the features of each.

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