Galaxy Note 9 User Guide: Tips, Tricks and How-Tos

How to Set Up the Fingerprint Reader on Galaxy Note 9

To unlock the Galaxy Note 9, sometimes it’s better to let you fingers — or more specifically, your fingerprint — do the dirty work.

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The fingerprint sensor on the Note 9 remains on the back of the phone, but Samsung moved it to a new, more convenient locale. On the Note 8, the sensor was next to the rear camera lenses, but now, it's been moved to below those lens, reducing the chance of you placing your fingerprint over the camera by mistake.

You'll be prompted to scan your fingerprint when you first set up your Note 9, but don't worry if you skipped that step. It's easy to add at any time. Here's how.

1. Go to Settings section and tap to open the Biometrics and Security category.

2. Tap on Fingerprint Scanner.

3. Confirm your PIN when prompted.

4. Tap the plus button (+) next to Add Fingerprint.

5. Follow the on-screen animation by rolling your finger over the sensor on the sensor.

6. Once the Note 9 has captured your fingerprint, you'll have the option to add another. You can also tap done.

7. At the bottom of the screen, slide the switch for Fingerprint unlock to the right to activate it.

You also can change fingerprint verification settings to use Samsung Pass and Samsung Pay.

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