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ESL Lightbulbs Better Than CFL, LED?

As the lighting industry transitions away from incandescent to more energy-friendly alternatives such as CFL or LED, there's a lesser known type of lightbulb that's more environmentally friendly (with no mercury) and produces a warmer light that's pleasing to the eye--and it's called the ESL.

ESL is short for Electron Stimulated Luminescence, which uses accelerated electrons in a spray to stimulate phosphor to create light. Read more about the technology here.

Vu1 Corporation of Seattle, WA has released an eight minute video that features a demonstration of ESL, a side by side feature comparison with CFLs and LEDs, and interviews with lighting and energy industry experts. It's produced by Vu1, so it's obviously slanted towards the ESL, but it's still fascinating.

"As we move our technology from the lab into testing and pilot production, we felt it was important to visually display the unique attributes of ESL and the progress we have made, as well as let the world know there is a lighting solution coming that performs similarly to the incandescent light bulb we are all familiar with," said R. Gale Sellers, Vu1's CEO. "This video is our first opportunity to show people the benefits of our breakthrough technology that is generating widespread interest and enthusiasm from scientists, industry experts, utility companies, and lighting product distributors."

Vu1 is now targeting product availability by mid 2010.