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Are You Addicted to Email and Messaging?

Yes, the first thing that comes into one’s head when one thinks of an addiction is the white stuff or cancer sticks or alcohol.  However, I’m actually talking about our habits of staying connected when we’re on vacation.  

You know that time when we are supposed to be enjoying our time off from work, but then catch ourselves getting the itchy fingers to turn on a computer and check our work email?  Surprisingly or unsurprisingly enough, you’re not the only one.

Apparently over 50% of working Americans share your sentiment and check their emails daily while on vacation, primarily men more than women.   Although these working Americans dislike receiving work emails on their off time, 42% of those vacationing email checkers actually prefer checking during vacation versus having to return to thousands (hundreds, if you’re lucky) of emails awaiting responses or at least a look over.  

What does that say about our society these days though?  Are we so intertwined with technology that we can’t turn it off when we have the chance to?  Were we supposed to sign up for some Email Anonymous group to remember how to enjoy the beach or some isolated vacation spot without having the urge to check work email?

Whether it is a vice or a luxury to keep connected to work is up to the ideals of the person on vacation, and maybe those vacationing with him or her.  How will you be spending your vacation time?  Are you checking work email on your days off or are you able to shut it all off?

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