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DX10 Effects Coming to Console Version of World in Conflict

Petter Sydow, Massive Entertainment vice president of development, shared with the team porting World In Conflict to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 has found ways to replicate certain DX10 graphical effects.

"At this point we’ve managed to replicate some of the effects, but I don’t know what features will make it into the final release. Nearly all of our DX 10 features are possible to do on the consoles if you give it enough time and resources, so we’ll keep on working on them and see what happens,” said Sydow.

According to AMD, the Xbox 360 runs an advanced version of DX9, and features a memory export that can enable DX10 type functionality, however the console cannot be upgraded to support DX10 via updates. The PS3, while running a GPU similar to the 7800 GTX, does not support any Direct3D API and renders using a heavily modified OpenGL layer. This may be the reasoning behind why the Massive team has had a difficult time coding for the PS3 platform. Currently DX10 features can only be found on Windows Vista based PCs with compatible hardware.

Massive Entertainment is targeting a simultaneous launch of both versions of World in Conflict, but “release dates have a tendency to be very fluid as unexpected things happen during development,” said Sydow. The Xbox 360 version was originally reported to ship fall of 2007.