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Couldn't Decide Between the e310 and the e740? Well Here's the e330!

Benchmark Tests


The trouble with bench tests is that, as we shall see further on, they are often contradictory. Anyway, we ran some practical tests that we feel are most representative of the way a Pocket PC is generally used: doing some work, playing some games, listening to music, running video sequences, looking at photos, etc. These tests should give you an idea of how fast, or slowly, the e330 works.

Our problem is that these PDA tests are a first, so we don't as yet have any reference results. Still, they will give you some idea of how easy the device is to use. Then if you like, you can run the same tests on your own PDA to compare results. And if it should cross your mind to mail them to us at: , we would be really grateful.

To start with, just setting the e330 on the base runs an automatic scan of any changes to it or the PC. If there are none, this takes 17 seconds in total! Could be better!

Likewise, it's time that PDAs speeded up their transfer times if they want to be used for multimedia. These products could do with USB 2.0.

However, applications start up quite fast, or at any rate, fast enough for you not to get too impatient.

Films were run with Interstellar Flames and Turjah2 .

The videos Matrix and StarWars Episode 2 (Landscape versions) are available here .

You can find the photos mires.jpg and photo1.jpg below.

For MP3s, you can find ones of similar sizes on the web if you want to compare the e330's speed with that of your own device.

We found that the average time of four seconds shows that there is still room for improvement. You don't actually lose your temper, but faster would be nicer. It's not what you'd call an instant launch.