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Outdoor Furniture Hides In Pavement

Outdoor furniture and space saving designs have obtained an interesting new addition thanks to Carmela Bogman and Rogier Martens' latest creation. Rightfully called "Pop Up" this outdoor furniture design features a combination of three platforms that can be pumped out of the pavement to form various outdoor furniture designs such as a picnic table, regular table, or benches.

The very first Pop Up was constructed in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. To help ensure the safety of the furniture, several keys that control the pumps have been handed out to residents in the surrounding areas. By using a hydraulic system for each of the platforms, people will be able to fix the furniture at whatever height suits their seating needs.

Although definitely an interesting concept, we can't help but think of the horrors of getting something stuck under one of the platforms as they are receding back into the pavement. In addition, eating or sitting at a table that is also the ground may not be the most pleasant of ideas for some. The troubles of keeping the furniture safe and clean may outweigh the space saving features of the design, but the Pop Up could be the first of many great innovative outdoor furniture designs.