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Best of Computex 2014: Tom's Guide Awards

Wearables, 3D and 4K gaming. These trends were all the rage at Computex 2014, Asia's annual consumer electronics palooza. This year's event saw manufacturers bring together innovation and power at compelling prices. From affordable but mighty gaming mice and mighty laptops to wearables and 3D printers, here are the best things we saw out of Taipei.

Best Wearable: ChipSiP SiME Smart Glass

Google Glass has nothing on the SiME (pronounced "see-me") Smart Glass, which runs full Android and packs finger-gesture recognition. Since we first saw ChipSiP at Computex last year, the company has improved its prototype heads-up display. The system now boasts picture-in-picture movie playing and augmented-reality functions. Unlike on Google Glass, you'll be able to download apps such as Hangouts and Angry Birds to the SiME and access the onboard camera to hold video calls. The makers intend to upgrade the SiME's software to Android 4.4 KitKat by July, and a developer version will be ready in Q3 of this year.

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Best Gaming PC: MSI GT72 Dominator Pro

Famous for its high-performance rigs, MSI rolled into Computex with a booth full of powerful gaming systems, from the 27-inch AG270 All-in-One to the GS60 Ghost with 3K display. However, none impressed us more than the upcoming GT72 Dominator, which is marketed as a 17-inch laptop but has more processing power and storage options than most desktops. In addition to its 1920 x 1080-pixel display, speedy quad-core Core i7 CPU and Nvidia GTX 880M graphics, the Dominator has room for four M.2 SSDs and a hard drive. A Steele Series keyboard and Dynaudio speakers turn up the fun, while an attractive, sports-car-inspired chassis makes the GT72 look good as it dominates your desk.

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Best Mouse: Thermaltake Ventus

For just $39, Thermaltake's Ventus is an excellent gaming mouse. It offers a responsive 5,000 DPI (dots per inch) scrolling rate with laser sensors, and it has a vented design to keep your palm cool through your hours of frying zombies. Seven programmable buttons with profiles that quickly change with a touch make it easier to access your favorite moves. Better yet, this peripheral is designed to be used ambidextrously.

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Best Keyboard: Rosewill RGB80

Whether you're a gamer looking for the ultimate frag or a touch typist trying to be more productive, Rosewill's RGB80 is compact enough to bring the mechanical keyboard experience on the road. As on the most expensive gaming laptops, the backlit keys are capable of displaying up to 16.7 million different colors, while software provides a virtually limitless set of macros.

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Best Innovation: da Vinci 1.0 AIO (All-in-One 3D Printer/Scanner)

All-in-one 3D printers that also scan have been in Kickstarter limbo for a while or cost thousands of dollars. XYZ Printing's promising the da Vinci 1.0 of all-in-one will actually ship by the end of the year. The da Vinci's dual laser sensors are positioned diagonally opposite each other, so the printer can get the most comprehensive scan possible from all angles. The device will cost less than $1,000 and come with software to make 3D scanning and printing easy for the average Joe.

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