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Apple Watch 3's Biggest Flaw Now Has a Fix

One of the biggest problems with Apple Watch Series 3 LTE may have been fixed.

Apple has released watchOS version 4.0.1 that "fixes issues that in rare cases were causing Apple Watch to join unauthenticated (captive) Wi-Fi networks, such as those found in public places like coffee shops and hotels, which direct the user to a webpage before the network can be accessed."

The fix addresses a problem that caused the Apple Watch Series 3 to seek out and connect to unauthorized wireless networks rather than carrier networks when users were out and about. The feature left users with unreliable connectivity and ultimately proved to undermine the critical new feature Apple bundled in its premium smartwatch.

Tom's Guide reviewer Caitlin McGarry had a host of issues with the Apple Watch's LTE connection. Like other users, McGarry faced connectivity problems, and when trying to access AT&T's network, found that she couldn't even get on. After calling AT&T support, not even the carrier could determine why its network was inaccessible from the Apple Watch 3.

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McGarry then tried her luck on T-Mobile and was able to get it connected. However, when she tried to make phone calls, each and every time, the call failed.

McGarry didn't, however, experience the Apple Watch trying to connect to unauthorized Wi-Fi networks. Several other reviewers and users did experience the problem, causing Apple to respond rather swiftly.

For its part, Apple acknowledged that the Apple Watch had a software flaw that caused the connection woes, but said that only a small number of people were affected. The company added that it would fix the software problem quickly.

While Apple has stuck to its word and indeed fixed the problem quickly, it's unknown whether the software update is really a fix. Tom's Guide will test the update to see if it addresses the problem and update its review with its findings.