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Apple's Delayed HomePod Will Fight Amazon with This

Apple might have some surprises up its sleeve when its delayed HomePod launches in the coming weeks.

Credit: Apple

(Image credit: Apple)

Filipe Esposito, a developer, discovered a hidden image inside Apple's Home app that might shed some light on how the HomePod will work. According to Esposito, whose discovery was earlier reported on by MacRumors, the images show custom scenes that can be quickly activated without ever relying on the smart speaker's "Hey, Siri" commands.

According to Esposito, you might be able to turn on lights or control a variety of other functions around the home, all without ever needing to use a "Hey, Siri" command. Instead, you'd open up the Home app on your iPhone or iPad and quickly choose your command.

Aside from that, Esposito said that HomePod could come with support for multiple accounts. Better yet, the speaker could be capable of identifying one person's voice over another and adapting the processes based on who said what.

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Apple unveiled its HomePod last year and had hopes of releasing the device in December. However, in November, ultimately decided to delay its smart speaker, which comes with a cylindrical design and Siri support. It also features high-end audio that Apple says, will deliver better sound than any other smart speaker on the market.

Credit: MacRumors

(Image credit: MacRumors)

The images that live inside the Home app also point to some of the things that HomePod might be capable of doing. For instance, there's one option that would allow you to use two HomePods in stereo mode. The device also appears capable of interacting with a variety of other Apple products, including an Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

Apple hasn't yet announced when it might release the HomePod, but last week, the device earned FCC approval. And now with Esposito discovering hidden features inside the Home app, Apple could be getting close to releasing the speaker.