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Acer Packs the Athlon64, More Fire Power Under Its Ferrari 3200 Notebook's Hood

Acer's Ferrari 3200 Brings The Legendary Sports Car Concept To The Desktop Fast Track

The speedsters from Italy's Maranello stable - the birthplace of all Ferarris - represent the quintessence of automotive passion for all red-blooded auto enthusiasts fascinated by the marque and known simply as "Ferraristi".

Having reached icon status, who doesn't recognize a Ferrari from afar, that usually bright red and low-lying super sports cars with the famous horse on the hood?

On the road or...

With its Ferrari 3200 notebook in original Ferrari red, Acer has now come up with the matching mobile PC counterpart. A "super sports car" for the desktop, if you will.

... on the desk. A "Ferrari" always cuts a dashing figure.

For notebook enthusiasts, a mobile Athlon64 2800+ purring away under the casing cover is akin to a Ferrari with a twelve-cylinder engine revving up under the hood. Indeed, the issue is not to what extent does a mobile 64 bit CPU make more sense compared to 32 bit processing power. Instead, it is more about superior horsepower packed in the case, similar to how Ferrari's mystique is largely based on knowing that the engine power under a Ferrari's hood can blow away just about any car driven on the street car around the world. This marketing principle, applied here to both automobile and notebook, is intended to arouse emotions associated with ensuring that man and machine stand out above the crowd. In the notebook space, because a powerful processor is only half the story for a high-performance notebook, Acer has furnished the mobile Athlon64 2800+ with the ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 graphics processor and 128 MB of dedicated RAM. The configuration represents one of the most powerful graphics subsystems on the market.

Read on to find out what else the Ferrari laptop has to offer with its standard yet full range of features - and herein lies the true difference compared to the street version with four wheels. We also wanted to see whether the Ferrari 3200 is really as fast as it looks and how things stand regarding battery life.

First, a word about the manufacturer: since last year, Acer has been the official purveyor of notebooks, servers and monitors to the court of Ferrari in the extremely popular sport - not only in Europe - of Formula One racing.