Finally, a Zombie Apocalypse Theme Park

Thanks to the increasing popularity of The Walking Dead and recent "zombie attacks", the popularity of the zombie apocalypse is as hot as ever. As terrifying as they may be, the world is in love with zombies and can't seem to get enough. While there are a handful of zombie marathon-type events popping up around the country, one entrepreneur has an even greater ambition: the world's first theme park dedicated to the zombie apocalypse.

Assuming he can come up with the massive amount of funding necessary, Mark Siwak hopes to turn the abandoned and derelict areas of a Detroit city into what he calls Z World, a theme park that literally puts you in the most realistic zombie apocalypse situation imaginable. The idea behind Z World is that brave souls would venture into the 200-acre post-apocalyptic park where they can run and hide from hordes of zombies to their heart's content.

Z World Detroit

With Detroit's population dwindling since 1950, Siwak hopes the theme park could attract and employ hundreds or even thousands of people in Detroit. The idea sounds like a whole lot of fun for thrill seekers, but a zombie apocalypse simulation of that scale would require lots of people and lots of money.

With 30 days left to go at the time of this writing, Siwak as achieved $7,700 of funding with a goal of $145,000 on the crowd funding site, IndieGoGo. There's still a long way to go but if zombie films and comic books have taught us anything, it's that infections can spread unbelievably fast. Let's just hope this project gets spread around just as quickly. 


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