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Threatening Rap on YouTube Lands Two in Jail

This week a lawyer representing a Canadian woman over Facebook pictures and insurance benefits said that Internet users need to be aware that anything posted online is out there for all to see. With that in mind, two young Massachusetts men should have heeded those words, as they now face possible jail time for making public threats on YouTube.

24-year-old Mathew Rufino of New Bedford and 28-year-old Jason Foley of Fairhaven created a threatening rap video and uploaded it to YouTube. Unfortunately, the two were no longer protected by Free Speech when they actually mentioned the names of a probation officer and a state trooper. The duo also sported guns and threw in noises of "a firearm discharging," elevating the video to a potentially threatening level, perhaps even a possible crime.

"When you view the brazenness of the threats in a post-9/11 era, it certainly poses concern and we didn't wait,'' said New Bedford Police Lt. Jeffrey Silva. According to The Boston Globe, the two rappers were located and arrested last weekend and appeared in court on Monday. The court judge ordered that the due remain behind bars until a hearing scheduled for next Monday that determines if they will remain in jail.

Foley's mom chimed in to the whole ordeal, claiming that her son was no threat, and that he had hoped the video would catch the eye of a would-be producer. "They didn't think anything was wrong with what they did," she said.

Sure they didn't, mom.

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  • darkknight22
    my generation is going to hell in a handbasket......
  • kingnoobe
    "Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither" Ben Franklin

    If there was an actual plan in the works.. Ok maybe.. But next thing you know if you get pissed of and say I'll kill you *even though you wouldn't never hurt a fly, and never have done anything to prove otherwise* you'll get thrown in jail.
  • LePhuronn
    Alternatively don't be a dipshit and say things in a public forum like the internet - with the violent idiocy of this generation, do you really want to take the risk that these guys were only piss and wind?

    If you go up to somebody in the street and threaten to kill somebody, even if it's just words, you'll get arrested for it. Why is a video on YouTube any different?

    You don't deserve free speech if you're a fucking retard quite frankly.
  • elel
    LePhuronnYou don't deserve free speech if you're a fucking retard quite frankly.Everyone deserves free speech. You just might be held accountable for what you say.
  • p00dl3_h3r0
    Again, the key thing here is that they mentioned specific peoples real names, who were law enforcement officials they apparently were involved with. Be it rap or otherwise, on youtube or next to a patrol car, that=a poor decision on their part. They had it coming.
  • jeraldjunkmail
    Aren't public officials only able to press charges in the USA if they can prove slander?
  • Sure they didn't mom.

    Once again, Parrish injects his personal opinion. You are supposed to be neutral on a news site Kevin.
  • littlec
    Just think if they were rich this wouldn't of happened. They might of gotten sued but not arrested. I'm not trying to justify what they did, it is stupid and disrespectful, but the way our legal system works is just bull.
  • maxpain12
    Rap was born out of the need for a legit means to express ones views and ideals of how society should be. Now it has turned into an vessel to glorify the the so called Ghetto life style that demeans people into thinking that acting in a less intelligible manner is cool and the Ghetto is something to be proud of rather than lifted out of. The Gangster element has a profound influence in the main stream even though there still are some decent acts out there. I think in so many ways it misguides youth and supports their transition into a darker path rather than encourage them to get an education and quit wasting time on the streets.
  • kingnoobe
    Never said they weren't retarded, but arrested is overboard. I could understand reasonable cause to search their houses/cars.. etc To see if they were actually planning anything. People say stupid shit all the time, doesn't mean they mean it. And if they do go to jail, these kids could very well get out worse then what then when they went in.