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New Xbox 360 Gutted, Modded; Eats Alan Wake

It's only been a few days since the new Xbox 360 Slim made its appearance at E3 2010, yet somehow the fresh new revision has stumbled out into the wild. Now it's been captured, gutted, and modified thanks to Solomods.

By heading here, you'll see the actual unboxing and disassembly pictorial--the site's name is plastered all over the images, but you'll get the drift. The end result offers a sleek-looking Xbox 360 Slim with a side window and an internal blue LED peeking through. Does it look good? Yes it does!

In related news, this report indicates that the new Xbox 360 Slim munches game disks just like its fatter, older sibling.

"Nick and I were at an unboxing event for the newly announced Xbox 360 today, and it was there that he committed a sin that will never be forgiven," reads the report. "Well, it wasn't a sin as much as it was a total waste of a perfectly fine copy of Alan Wake."

Despite the warning plastered on the front of the new console, it was picked up and moved from horizontal to vertical while Alan Wake was still booting.

"The resulting sound was close to that of starting a garbage disposal with a fork in it," the report added. "After hearing the horrendous noise, Microsoft people immediately ran to our area with concerned faces."