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No Stand-Alone 250 GB HDD for Xbox 360

When Microsoft officially announced the Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition console bundle, current Xbox 360 owners got all hot and bothered under the collar. Slated to ship on November 10, the steamy, sexy package offers a limited edition console with an exclusive, Modern Combat 2 design, the game, and a super sized hard drive spanning 250 GB of tasty storage space. There's no question that die-hard console gamers will want a piece of this $399.99 pie.

Unfortunately, that's where the fun ends. According to Microsoft, there will be no stand-alone 250 GB hard drives for those of us who already own the Xbox 360. In fact, the company didn't really expand on its reason for the denial. "This hard drive is not being sold separately," Xbox Live programming director Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb noted during a video examining the bundle. Yep, that was informative.

Currently Xbox 360 owners can upgrade their current hard drives by heading down to EBGames or some other retail outlet and pick up the 60 GB Live Pack for $100. There's also a separate 120 GB hard drive on sale as well, costing gamers a meaty $150. Microsoft may eventually change its stance on the 250 GB drive, especially as more and more Xbox Live subscribers begin to download older games, TV episodes, and full-blown movies.