Xbox "720" "Durango" Rumored to Have No Disc Drive

Microsoft has not yet confirmed its Xbox 720, codename Durango, but that hasn't stopped the industry from talking about it, nor does it mean Microsoft isn't discussing the project behind closed doors. Apparently, one thing Redmond has been whispering about is the fact that the new console won't have a disk drive.

MCV claims to have been told that Microsoft has been telling partners that the newest addition to the Xbox line won't have an optical drive. Though a disk srive is out, it's though the console will offer compatibility "with some sort of interchangeable solid-state card storage," but it's not clear if this means MicroSD or something proprietary. Additionally, MCV reports that a 2013 launch date has been confirmed.

Microsoft's not one to comment on rumors or speculation, and MCV's sources say the briefings were issued under "the strictest NDA" they've ever encountered (so much for that?), so we're not expecting to hear anything substantial from Microsoft regarding this rumor. Indeed, in a statement to MCV, the company said that it's always "thinking about what is next for [its] platform" and ways to "defy the lifecycle convention" but declined to comment beyond that.

The Xbox 360 already enables users to download games, additional content, movies, and music so Microsoft isn't exactly unfamiliar with downloadable content. It's also worth noting that many laptop manufacturers already choosing to ditch the optical drive. The Xbox 360 was first unveiled in 2005, which was quite a few years ago. Assuming Microsoft intends for the Xbox 720 to last at least as long as the Xbox 360, it's not difficult to imagine the Xbox without an optical drive in 2019.

So, now the real question: What kind of 'card storage' would Microsoft go with?

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  • shqtth
    If the console does not work with my existing xbox360 games (DVD), then I will not buy it. no way will I have 2 clunky consoles in my tv room.
  • icepick314
    it's not the speed of the internet that will hinder home video game console...

    it's the limited bandwidth...

    remember...many ISP have 250GB bandwidth limit for BOTH download AND upload...

    if you account for all the streaming media a person uses every month on top of all the regular internet traffic AND already available downloaded games, you're going to hit that limit even faster if video game consoles need CONSTANT online connections for their games...
  • Delengowski
    Getting rid of discs is their way of getting rid of their problem of being re-selling games and buying used ones; this is exactly why they're doing this, especially considering the costs of SSDs
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  • shqtth
    If the console does not work with my existing xbox360 games (DVD), then I will not buy it. no way will I have 2 clunky consoles in my tv room.
  • Anonymous
    No disc drive... that't retarded! How are you going to play movies (besides Netflix). I feel like they should upgrade to a Blue-ray drive. I'm sure future releases will take up way more space, some games on the PS3 are 20GB. Your going to need one massive hard drive to store all those games. Btw I'm not a PS3 fanboy, I own both consoles; play mostly on Xbox except for few PS3 only releases. My PS3 is used mostly for 3D Blue-ray movies.

    They should add and SSD or have a HDD but allow for your own upgrades. The feature on the Xbox to save an entire game on the hard drive is amazing. Saving some games (not all) at your discretion with a SSD would dramatically reduce load times. A SSD will also improve overall system performance.
  • omega21xx
    I feel like we are going back to the atari/NES days of cartridges. lol Of course this isn't the same, but moving away from optical discs back to a solid storage seems pointless. Especially when SSD's are expensive ($1/GB) and SD cards are much the same ($0.75-1/GB)
    making that a more expensive solution than discs. $100 for games? nah, I'm sure they are just going to use some sort of SSD for the system storage and move to download only.