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$99 Xbox Live Family Plan Coming in November

Kinect isn't launching for a few more months and we have plenty of unanswered questions to last us through the summer. Like, with all those family-orientated games, the ability to play with others over Xbox Live and support for video chatting, does Microsoft plan on introducing new Xbox Live plans to accommodate the entire family's use of Xbox Live? Apparently the answer to that question is yes.

Microsoft has announced that this coming fall, it will launch a plan that offers four Live subscriptions for the price of two. With a launch that coincides with Kinect's debut in November, the Gold Family Pack will get you four Xbox Live Gold subscriptions for just $99 per year.

Redmond is also adding a new Family Center menu that allows for activity monitoring across the other three accounts from the primary account and the ability to purchase and dispense Microsoft Points to other Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack members.

Ninety-nine bucks is a bargain and you're probably thinking the same thing as us: can I just pretend my mates are my family, split the cost with them and get a half price XBL sub? The answer is yes, but you probably won't be so eager to share that Family Pack with your fake family when you hear this next bit: That Family Center menu that allows the primary account to monitor the other three accounts and dispense points is also the billing account. So unless you're completely sure these three friends are exceptions to the 'friends and money don't mix' rule, then you'll want to think long and hard before sharing this membership with friends.