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Microsoft Launches Super Glossy Xbox 360 Slim

Dubbed the Xbox 360 Slim, the new console is quite a bit smaller. Redmond actually revealed the Slim by hiding it inside the casing of an old Xbox 360. We're estimating it's about 60 percent of the size, but we could be totally wrong on that one.

As previous reports suggested, it comes with a 250GB HDD, built-in WiFi and an angular design that is quite a departure from the old, curvy model. It's all glossy, all black (which means all fingerprinty) and shipping to retailers today. It should hit stores next week and it's carrying a price tag of $299.

Engadget reports the launch of the Slim will see the old Elite's price hit $249 and the Arcade's price drop to $149.

Who's interested?

*Image via Gizmodo