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Ben Heck Creates a Minority Report Xbox Controller Glove

From the modding legend who brought you that nifty hot-pocket dispenser comes the latest Minority Report-like project, the Power Glove 2.0. Taking design cues from the infamous science fiction flick, the Power Glove 2.0 hopes to improve the Xbox 360 navigation experience with smaller, more precise gesture controls using a wearable glove.

The prototype was created using an Arduino, accelerometer, gyroscope and buttons placed at the fingertips. After hooking the glove up to the system and an additional infrared sensor, Heck was able to control the Xbox 360 interface using simple gestures similar to the ones Tom Cruise used in the Minority Report film. Check out the latest episode of the Ben Heck Show below for more details on the project. (Skip towards the 12:10 mark to see the glove in action)