Google Demands Removal of Windows Phone YouTube App

Microsoft has been on something of an anti-Google crusade as of late, and it seems Mountain View isn't doing much to help the cause. The Verge reports that Google has demanded Microsoft remove its Windows Phone application from the Windows Phone Store by this day next week. The search giant is said to have send Microsoft a cease and desist letter that gives Redmond until May 22 to remove the application in question.

So what's got Google so upset? The company's cease and desist letter says that Microsoft's newly updated YouTube application contains no ads. Google says that by allowing the videos to be downloaded sans ads, Microsoft is impacting those that are paid through Google's partner program. Not only that, but Google claims this is a violations of the YouTube API terms and conditions.

For Microsoft's part, the company says it's more than happy to shows ads in its YouTube application, provided Google supplies access to the necessary APIs.

"In light of Larry Page’s comments today calling for more interoperability and less negativity, we look forward to solving this matter together for our mutual customers," Microsoft told the Verge, referencing Google CEO Larry Page's comments about negativity in the tech industry hindering progress.

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  • WhyFi
    MS played them like a fiddle.
  • WhyFi
    @M Pyne - this article is terribly incomplete, so I can't blame just you, but you're only seeing one side of the story. MS's put together the app because Google has refused to create/cooperate with developers creating W8/WP8 youtube apps... because they're (presumably) fearful of potentially competitive platforms. Read more at the verge articles referenced in the above Tom's article.
  • Other Comments
  • Pherule
    Well I never saw myself as pro-Microsoft, but this time I'm cheering them on. Google can go die in a fire. Nobody wants ads.
  • WhyFi
    MS played them like a fiddle.
  • Matthew Pyne
    @Pherule You are an idiot. Why do you think websites have ads? Those ads are what allow the content providers on youtube that you love so much to keep making videos while still being able to feed them selves. It's selfish stupid people like you that make small companies fall apart and die. Although to be honest, I'm sure this whole thing is about more then it not having ads, I think Microsoft bashing Google has made them have to stand there ground, and I say good job Google. Google is just doing what any other company would do in its position. I agree with google.