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Sony Developing Games Using VR Tech

In a recent interview with Develop, Sony's London Studio chief Mick Hocking said that the company is currently experimenting with virtual reality interfaces. Sony originally revealed its plans back at CES 2011 by showing off a head-mounted display, but this is seemingly the first time anyone has really gone into detail about the software aspect.

"We've got a new head mounted display that we showed at CES, that can produce really great quality 3D and a very immersive experience for games," he said when asked if the company was investigating other technologies outside 3D. "The head-mounted display has twin-OLED screens; very high quality."

Unfortunately, for the moment, it's just a head-mounted display – the Cyclops-inspired specs won't track any user head movement. "That’s something we’re doing R&D on," he added. "I have to say, what we’ve done in the R&D projects has just been fantastic. We’re working with a couple of games at Sony that are experimenting with virtual reality type experiences."

Does this mean virtual reality is making a comeback? "Yeah it could be, it certainly seems possible, and these head-mounted displays incorporate 3D tech," he added. "It’s very, very cool. And obviously it’s a fantastic way to experience 3D because both images are being directly fed into each eye."

But wasn't the whole point of developing glasses-free 3D technology was to get away from wearing devices on your face? Will 3D-based virtual reality be an exception? We'll have to see what becomes of Sony's pet project. Looking ahead, it's possible that the company may incorporate VR technology into the upcoming PlayStation 4 that's supposedly slated for an E3 2012 reveal. That would definitely blow the Wii U right out of the water... if it incorporates head tracking movement, that is.