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$99 Xbox Deal Heading To Additional Stores

Back in May, Microsoft confirmed that it would provide a subsidized Xbox 360 bundle for $99. The bundle would include the 4 GB console and the Kinect motion sensing system, but require a monthly fee of $14.95 -- via a 24-month Xbox Live Gold contract -- for the next two years. The deal seemed ideal for consumers who don't have the funds for both items upfront, but intend to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold anyway.

As reported last month, the Xbox 360 subsidy deal was limited to the twenty-one Microsoft Store locations scattered across the U.S. -- only seventeen of which are actually open for business. Potential customers were to print a coupon and bring it in to the Microsoft Store to be eligible for the promotion. Details in the contract also said there would even be an early termination fee of up to $250 USD, depending on the remaining time on the contract.

"The ETF is intended to provide reasonable compensation to Microsoft for the losses it suffers when a customer does not remain a customer for the full term of the Agreement, the Terms read. "The early termination fee (ETF) is part of this Offer and is not a penalty."

Now Xbox Live's Major Nelson reports that the subsidized bundle will be expanded to additional stores. Later this month, gamers will be able to purchase the bundle at all U.S.-based Best Buy stores and select GameStop locations. Gamers are advised to call their local Best Buy, GameStop or Microsoft Store for more information about how and where to purchase.

"This next phase of the pilot program will be limited in terms of both timing and the number of units available—we’re excited to forge new ground and explore a new retail model for Xbox 360, but also want to emphasize that this is a pilot period for the program," he said.

The offer is limited to the specific Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle as advertised, and is subject to customer eligibility check, including credit approval.