Star Wars: Dark Forces Heading to PSN

Star Wars: Dark Forces for DOS and Mac appeared at the dawn of the first-person shooter genre: a golden era when Doom made its initial market appearance and forced developers to scramble for funds to create similar products. Dark Forces, hitting the scene in 1995, could easily fit into that "clone" category, featuring the same fast-paced gameplay but with Stormtroopers rather than Imps.

With that said, the game also received praise for expanding on the genre, adding elements not seen prior to its release. The game was great, and threw the Star Wars universe into a whole new territory. Currently the PC version can be downloaded from Steam for a meager five bucks.

Dark Forces also found its way onto the original PlayStation console in 1996. It didn't do quite as well as the PC and Mac versions in regards to actual review scores. Many reviewers claimed that the game had lower-quality graphics and lower frame-rates when compared to the PC version, offering a "visually dated" appearance.

Still, that hasn't stopped Sony from porting the original game to the PlayStation Network via its PSOne Classics. The ESRB actually revealed its eventual release for the PlayStation 3 and PSP, however currently there's no set date. Honestly, this would be an awesome game for the handheld unit.

PC gamers wanting to see a little Star Wars retro-action might be able to find the demo floating around somewhere on the internet. Here's one link although you'll need to download at your own risk.

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