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Rickroll Video Removed Due to Copyright Claim from AVG

Rickrolling, the bait-and-switch meme that was started in early 2007, has long since gone out of fashion. While there are still Rickrollers among us, gone are the days where we suspect every link may lead us to that dashing redhead's biggest hit. Hammering a nail in the coffin of Rickrolling, it today emerged that the original Rickroll'd video was yesterday pulled from YouTube for an extended period of time.

It seems the original Rickroll clip, which had amassed ten of millions of views, was removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim made by AVG Technologies. That's right, the AVG that keeps your computer free of viruses, free of charge, apparently put a copyright claim in that resulted in YouTube making the video unavailable.

The video reappeared online after 24 hours, but there has yet to be any official statement from AVG or YouTube/Google on the matter. Perhaps it was all just one big misunderstanding or perhaps AVG was trying to play a practical joke on all the Rick Astley fans out there? We'll update if we find anything out.

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