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Rumor: Sony Revealing PSP2 This Month

In a surprising turn of events, trade sources have revealed that Sony plans to announce the PSP2 in Tokyo on January 27, 2011.

At this point, the PSP2 reveal won't be much of a surprise-- we've seen enough bits and pieces to know the device does in fact exist. We've also heard plenty of hands-on impressions from developers and the like giving praise about the specs and performance. Face it Sony, the secret is out. There's no denying it any longer.

However the big shocker is that Sony's new handheld gaming unit will be formally introduced just weeks before Sony Ericsson supposedly pulls out the PlayStation Phone (Xperia Play) in front of a captive audience at the Mobile World Congress event on Febraury 14 – 17. Even more curious is that Sony is choosing the end of January rather than waiting for E3 this June, or even Game Developers Conference 2011 kicking off on February 28 to reveal the new device.

But wait! Isn't there another rival device expected to make a reveal sometime around the end of January? Why yes there is: Apple's iPad 2. It's quite possible that Sony is attacking the tablet on two fronts: from the hard-core gamer perspective (PSP2) and the casual gamer perspective (Xperia Play) using back-to-back device announcements. Then again, maybe not and it's all just a big coincidence.

Already 2011 is proving to be an interesting year. CES 2011 blew us away with Sandy Bridge and an army of impressive smartphones and tablets. Verizon quickly followed-up by announcing the CDMA iPhone 4 in a separate press conference on Tuesday.

Now we have a possible PSP2 and iPad 2 announcement this month, the Xperia Play announcement next month, and the debut of Nintendo's 3DS gaming platform in March. Throw in the numerous tablets gearing up to flood the gadget market and a possible iPhone 5 reveal in June, the first half of the year will definitely be a busy one for gamers and gadget lovers alike. So many toys, so little money.