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PSP Games to Get Remastered, Ported to PS3

Sony Entertainment today confirmed plans to bring several PSP games to the PS3 as part of a new series of games dubbed "PSP Remaster." The series of games will consist of PSP titles customized and developed specifically for the PS3 console and will become available as Blu-ray games starting in the Japanese market. The first title to get the PSP Remaster treatment will be Capcom’s Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD.

PSP Remaster titles will feature new content, HD graphics, support for DualShock 3 controllers and possibly support for stereoscopic 3D. Users will also be able to utilize the same save data from the original PSP version of the game for the PSP Remaster version, which means they can play on the go with the PSP and then switch to PS3 when they get home, picking up where they left off.

Details for a North American launch (or any other markets outside Japan) have not been disclosed just yet. We’ll let you know when we know more.