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Microsoft Tells Shoppers to Get Kinect ASAP

Like it or not, sales of Microsoft's Kinect peripheral have been pretty great. Microsoft just recently announced the sale of over 1,000,000 Kinect sensors the device has only been available for about two weeks. Considering this success, there are probably quite a few people out there considering buying Kinect in the near future. To those people, Microsoft is saying get a move on.

Microsoft's Don Mattrick (president of the Xbox unit) has said customers hoping to get Kinect in time for the holidays should purchase the peripheral this week if they want to be certain they'll get one. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Mattrick also said he had been personally optimistic about the device since user testing began in 2007.

Kinect is sold at a number of retailers around the country, and is also available online from the likes of Amazon. However, BestBuy's website currently lists both Kinect ($149) and the 250GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle ($399) as 'sold out online.' The motion-sensing peripheral is also sold out on Amazon, and However, all is not lost as Walmart still lists Kinect as available online and in stores.

Has all this fuss changed your mind about Kinect? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: SFGate