Another Nexus 7 Defect Appears, Affects Touch Screen

Not only is the gadget sold out across the nation and in the UK (save for the 8GB model sold on Google Play), the device has already revealed several manufacturing defects. Now another showstopper has reared its face. reports that it's noticed some odd touchscreen behavior "that would seem to indicate a defect." More specifically, touching the tablet can bring absolutely no response from the tablet whatsoever. When held in portrait mode, the dead area reportedly runs all the way up the height of the panel, and "across to about the mid point."

"The severity of the issue seems to vary over time; some occurrences are much less serious than others," the site reports. "To temporarily solve the issue, I can turn the screen off and back on. While the fix is easy, it’s still an annoying bug to put up with. Playing games for more than a few minutes means toggling the screen and interrupting gameplay. Still other times, non-games seem to be triggering the same behavior, but this is less common."

"The poor touch detection seems to extend to every part of the UI when it happens," the site adds. "Swiping through home screens can only be accomplished by using the left side of the screen, and it’s almost impossible to use any buttons or UI elements that show up on the right side."

It's believed that the problem is due to heat... which is also believed to be the culprit behind another issue regarding the screen. Many Nexus 7 owners are complaining that their tablets' displays have begun to come apart from the bezel -- the adhesive seemingly isn't working correctly. Affected users are thus complaining to Google but are having difficulties getting anything resolved.

Customers are also complaining about dead pixels after boot, although there seems to be more reports about screen separation than the pixel issue. Could all three symptoms be the result of a common problem? Could heat be an issue, killing pixels, pushing the screen out and causing it to be unresponsive? Given that the touch issue can be resolved by merely turning it off and on again, heat seems to be a contributing factor, not the actual cause.

That said, Google seems to have a mess on its hands: not only can it not meet consumer demand, but it's likely going to see a huge wave of returns in the coming months. Maybe consumers should wait until the second batch comes off the presses.

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  • DjEaZy
    ... it happens, when you make it cheep...
  • jsrudd
    Nexus 7 seemed to have so much potential give how good the Nexus phones are.
  • kawininjazx
    When you sell a few million devices, some are going to have problems. I think those experiencing these issues should get a new one swapped out. Mine is all good so far.
  • Kami3k
    DjEaZy... it happens, when you make it cheep...
    Cheap* like your education it seems.
  • selden
    At this point, we have no idea how many Nexus 7s have been sold, nor of the percentage that are having problems. This is the risk one takes with a brand new product — or even an existing one. I just looked up a March 2012 report that surveyed 50,000 iPad2 owners, and found a 10% failure rate within the first 12 months of ownership (largely through accidents, I suspect). This is what warranties are for. Warranty service also provides an extremely effective QA feedback loop, as the manufacturer has a strong motivation to keep defects as low as possible.
  • selden
    Source for the report: Customers report iPad 2 damage 3.5 times more
    likely than iPad 1
  • There is no such thing as a perfect product (Hi Apple --'). I have had the same problem with my nexus S, and I'm not the only one:, some people on XDA worked on it . In my case the problem remains from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean, you need to create a custom kernel for this issue by changing some parameters in the screen driver. No doubt that a fix will appear on android forums, stay tuned!
  • freggo
    Kami3kCheap* like your education it seems.
    Oh, come on. You never posted a typo?
    With no easy way to edit one's posts this is bound to happen.
  • Vorador2
    freggoOh, come on. You never posted a typo?With no easy way to edit one's posts this is bound to happen.Click on the first link above the comments where it says "Read the comments on the forums". It bring to a forum thread where the comments are. You can edit your post there.
  • rantoc
    hastenWhen did Tom's become an iPad glory hole? They are prompt to post these articles regarding defects on the Nexus (unavoidable with as many devices as they sole), but for some reason are 3 days behind on everything else...
    It happens when the writers are biased towards a brand, nothing really new for this site!