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China Blocks All of YouTube, Again

For the last four days, YouTube has been unavailable in China. While Google has not been given any official reason for the blockage and users are receiving bog standard ‘server is taking too long to respond,’ messages it’s believed the government blocked the site because of videos showing Chinese police beating a Tibetan monk with batons.

This is not the first time China has blocked access to Google’s video sharing site. In March of 2008 the country blocked both YouTube and Google News during the riots in Tibet.

ComputerWorld reports, citing the WSJ, that a spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry said the government had "taken up management of the [YouTube] network according to the laws."

Google spokesman told the UK’s BBC that the site was working to restore access for its Chinese users. "We don't know the reason for the block and are working to restore access to users in China as quickly as possible," said spokesperson Scott Rubin.