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How to Play as Overwatch's Doomfist Right Now

Fans of the popular team-based shooter Overwatch can finally try out Doomfist in the Public Test Region (where Blizzard tests all the latest updates and changes to the game).

Photo: Blizzard

Photo: Blizzard

To access this testing ground on PC, simply start up your Blizzard App and select the Overwatch tab on the side. Then, navigate to the upper right corner of the screen to the account/region menu. From there, just select "PTR: Overwatch" and follow the prompts to install the client.

Blizzard has teased Doomfist’s character ever since Overwatch’s reveal trailer (remember the gauntlet at the center of the epic museum battle?) and fans have consistently looked for in-game hints as to his release date, only to be wrong time and time again. But now, Blizzard has finally revealed his weapons and backstory in full detail.

Doomfist is offense-class hero with a difficulty rating of three stars, which puts him in company with heroes such as Sombra, Genji, Zenyatta and Ana. He is affiliated with the terrorist organization Talon from the Overwatch universe and is rumored to have escaped from a Helix security facility with the help of Reaper, another known Talon operative along with Widowmaker.

Doomfist’s main weapon is a ranged hand cannon that fires bursts straight from his knuckles, though he can also knock enemies closer in with his seismic slam move. At his disposal are both a stiff uppercut hit that throws enemies into the air and a charged rocket punch which forcefully pushes enemies out of the way.

During his hero ability (Meteor Strike), Doomfist will leap to a great height before propelling himself to the ground, causing heavy damage to any nearby enemies.

Make sure to practice playing as Doomfist before using him in any quickplay or competitive matches, as his difficulty rating indicates he will not be easy to master. There is not an official date for when he will be playable in normal regions, but it shouldn’t be too long before he joins the action.