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Where to Watch 'Roma' Online Before the Oscars

Alfonso Cuarón’s semi-autobiographical film Roma is up for a large number of potential Oscar wins. It’s been nominated ten times, the highest for this year along with The Favourite.

Credit: Netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)

These including the awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Foreign Language Film, which is no mean feat.

If you want to watch Roma right now, then you can, but you will need Netflix in order to do it. As the film’s distributor, Netflix is retaining the exclusive rights, so you don’t have any choice in the matter.

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Where you do have choice is in how you access Netflix. If you already have it, then you’re good to go; just search for the title and it will pop up in no time at all. If you use a different service, or have yet to take the plunge into video streaming, then all isn’t lost.

Netflix offers a free 30-day trial. Just fill in your details, and you’ll be ready. Just remember that as part of the registration process, Netflix will ask for your debit or credit card details. This means that when your month’s trial is up, it will automatically charge you for the next one. Set a reminder or make a note to cancel a day or two in advance of the trial’s expiration date if you don't want to continue to subscribe.

You can get this trial through Netflix’s web, mobile or other platforms. You can even get membership bundled in with other products like broadband or cell phone contracts. Check our other guide for more details on how to get Netflix for free.

Of course, if you can’t be bothered to set up your own account, you could try and ask a friend or family member for their login and password. If you do it nicely, we’re sure they won’t mind.