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New Galaxy S8 Leak Confirms Our Worst Fears

We had a pretty strong feeling that the Galaxy S8's backside would be pretty awkward, but now we know for sure.

A new leaked image shows what appears to be the final design of Samsung's flagship ahead of its unveiling at a March 29 event, and it looks as though Samsung has indeed made a questionable design decision.

Posted to Twitter by Evan Blass, the colorful photos (or they could be press renders) show that the fingerprint sensor is to the right of the camera lens. There's a little bit of space, but they're on the same plane. This could result in serious smudging, at least until users get accustomed to the setup.

The LG G6, by contrast, positions its fingerprint sensor below the camera, so there's much less risk of smudging.

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Based on other Galaxy S8 rumors and reports, Samsung was apparently working on integrating the fingerprint sensor directly into the screen, but the feature didn't work as well as the company hoped so it reportedly ditched the idea during the design process.

The back of the S8 could be pretty awkward. Credit: Evan Blass/Twitter

(Image credit: The back of the S8 could be pretty awkward. Credit: Evan Blass/Twitter)

While this placement is certainly awkward, it doesn't dampen our enthusiasm for the S8's other expected features. These include the very fast Snapdragon 835 processor, which we just had a chance to benchmark for the first time, as well as a new virtual assistant called Bixby that Samsung has already confirmed.

In addition, the S8 will likely be sold with a a DeX dock that will enable Galaxy S8 owners to turn the phone into a mini PC, complete with support for an external monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Nevertheless, we wish the fingerprint sensor was somewhere else.

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