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Apple Watch Sapphire Display is the Real Deal

Our friend Lewis Hilsenteger at Unbox Therapy is once again putting the Apple Watch through its paces, this time testing the legitimacy of the standard model's Sapphire crystal display. Does the Watch's $650 price tag get you a display that's comparable to a high-end Sapphire wristwatch? As Hilsenteger's tests reveal, it just about does.

In order to evaluate whether or not the Apple Watch is the real deal, Hilsenteger turned to a diamond tester accessory that uses a scale from 1 to 8 to measure whether a piece of jewelry is fake or genuine. To add some perspective, he tested the iPhone 6, Apple Watch Sport and LG G Watch R with the device, all of which registered a 0 on the tester due to their glass displays.

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Hilsenteger then whipped out a $300 Tissot smartwatch with verified Sapphire glass, which immediately registered an 8 on the scale and let out a beep that signifies diamond authenticity. Impressively, the Apple Watch also registered a full 8, though it didn't cause enough of a reaction on the meter to produce the same beep.

Unbox Therapy already proved that the Apple Watch Sport can take a beating, and it looks like any fears about the Apple Watch's Sapphire legitimacy can now be put to rest. For more on how the Apple Watch holds up in day-to-day life, stay tuned for our full review.

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