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Apple Watch 4 Revealed in iOS 12 Code

Apple hasn't announced any plans to release a new Apple Watch anytime soon. But that hasn't stopped the iPhone maker from revealing it in iOS 12.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

In the latest beta for iOS 12, beta 2, there's a reference to all the Apple Watch models the operating system supports. And alongside the Apple Watch 1, Apple Watch Series 2, and Apple Watch Series 3, there's a reference to "Watch 4,4.," according to 9to5Mac, which earlier discovered the mention.

A variety of new model numbers were also baked into the operating system that point to the new Apple Watch versions.

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Apple has always been loath to announce or discuss details on a new device before it's ready to launch. But considering the Apple Watch is so heavily reliant upon iOS to work, the company like had no choice but to include it in the operating system's code. So, while Apple itself might not want to discuss what it has planned, it needs to spill the beans in its upcoming operating system to ensure it's ready for its launch.

That said, the mention of an Apple Watch Series 4 in iOS 12 does nothing to actually shed light on what the company has planned for the hardware. And according to 9to5Mac, the code simply makes mention to the version and model numbers and doesn't actually discuss any features.

Speculation abounds that the Apple Watch Series 4 will be thinner than last year's model and could come with a 15 percent larger display that takes advantage of thinner bezels. It's also expected to be more powerful than the Series 3, though exactly how much more powerful is unknown.

Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch Series 4 in September alongside its new iPhones. Exactly when it'll launch and how much its different models will cost is unknown.