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Apple to Stream iPad Mini Event on, Apple TV

The waiting it over and Apple's scheduled event is almost upon us. If you've been through this before, you've likely tuned in via liveblog on your favorite tech site. Apple doesn't broadcast its events, nor does it allow reporters in attendance to broadcast it themselves. However, this time around, things are going to be a little bit different.

Image via SlashGear

Image via SlashGear

The Unofficial Apple Weblog writes that Apple has just quietly added a new channel to Apple TV called Apple Events. The new channel will allow anyone with an Apple TV device to tune into today's event live. The channel currently displays a reminder to tune in at 10am PT for the main event. If you've got some free time and are just hanging out, waiting for 10am to roll around, you can browse through past Apple events to keep you busy. So far, it doesn't look like Apple has anything for those without an Apple TV.

Apple is expected to announce the iPad Mini at its event in San Francisco later on today. Over the last couple of weeks, there has also been rumors regarding a new Mac Mini, a new full-sized iPad, and a new MacBook Pro. Last we heard, the event was only going to feature the iPad Mini, but we shall wait and see.

UPDATE: Good news for everyone who doesn't have access to an Apple TV but wants to tune in. Apple's posted on its website that it will be streaming the event live for Safari users, regardless if it's on Mac OS X or Windows provided that you have an updated version of the browser.

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  • extremepcs
    Cool, so 3 people will see it.
  • bllue
    I've heard the name Apple TV for years but never actually cared to look what that even is. Probably some other overpriced garbage
  • stevelord
    $99 media box that is pretty nice if you're heavily invested in iTunes. Also does Netflix and Huluplus.
  • house70
    extremepcsCool, so 3 people will see it.ROFL.

    Looks like Apple is only targeting the existing customers, the heavily invested in their ecosystem.
    I still have yet to meet someone that uses Safari on Windows.
  • SneakySnake
    Apple TV's are pretty nice. AirPlay compatibility with iOS devices works really well.

    If you don't have an iOS device though, then the Apple TV is still good, but I would look elsewhere as well.
  • masterasia
    Are they being innovative again?