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OnePlus 7T Rumors: Release Date, Specs, Price and More

The OnePlus 7 Pro.
The OnePlus 7 Pro.
(Image credit: Future)

The OnePlus 7 Pro has proved to be one of the best phones of the year, scoring well in reviews for its high quality features and reasonable price. But OnePlus has for the past four years released an update to its phones each fall, which it marks by adding a ‘T’ to the original model number.

So since it’s been some time since the OnePlus 7 series’ May launch, we’re expecting a OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro to emerge soon. And there’s already some tasty rumors from reliable sources to substantiate that excitement. Read on below to learn what we know so far about the 7T and 7T Pro, including potential release dates, pricing, and leaked upgrades to the handsets’ key specs.

Latest OnePlus 7T News (Updated September 17)

  • An anonymous source claims OnePlus will begin selling phones on Verizon's network starting next year. In the U.S., OnePlus' handsets can currently only be purchased unlocked, or through T-Mobile.
  • OnePlus has finally announced the reveal dates of the 7T series. It’s taking place over two events — the first on September 26 in India, and the second on October 10 in London.
  • OnLeaks and Compareraja leaked a full list of 7T and 7T Pro specs, as well as the launch and availability dates.
  • OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has hinted at an upcoming device with a 90Hz display that’s cheaper than the OnePlus 7 Pro and will launch soon. This is likely the OnePlus 7T, which was rumored previously to be getting a high refresh rate screen.

OnePlus 7T release date, availability and price

OnePlus have announced the 7T series will debut over two events. The first one takes place in India on September 26 (with a simultaneous event in North America), while the second will happen on October 10 in London. We don't know why there's two events at the moment, but hopefully there will be some different things announced at both events to make them equally interesting.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is available in both the US and UK, but the OnePlus 7 is only available in the UK, with last year’s OnePlus 6T taking the role of budget option in the United States. We don’t have any idea whether this will or won’t change with the introduction of the 7T.

There’s no pricing information as yet, but we can imagine these handsets will be a little more expensive than the standard OnePlus 7s. With the basic version of the standard 7 retailing at £499 and the basic 7 Pro at £649/$669, perhaps we’ll see the 7T somewhere above £500 and the 7T Pro going for at least £700/$700.

In the U.S., OnePlus could gain a new carrier partner, in the form of Verizon. A report from Android Police, courtesy of an anonymous source, suggests that OnePlus and Big Red will partner up to distribute the Chinese firm's future smartphones in the U.S. Such an agreement could be a big win for OnePlus in the heavily carrier-driven U.S. market, where OnePlus' only network partner at the moment is T-Mobile.

(Image credit: OnLeaks/Pricebaba)

OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro and colors

OnePlus departed from its usual strategy with the OnePlus 7 by introducing standard and ‘Pro’ variants. It’s looking like it’s going to stick with this pattern for the T versions too. Ishan Agarwal, in his comprehensive tweet of 7T leaks, mentioned two color options: Frosted Silver and Haze Blue (which he has since leaked a render for, see below). The only option for the OnePlus 7 right now is Mirror Gray, so it’s nice of OnePlus to give some options for its cheaper device.

(Image credit: Ishan Agarwal)

OnePlus 7T design

Based on current leaks and renders, provided by Ishan Agarwal, Evan Blass and others, the basic profile of the 7 and 7 Pro won’t be changing much in the course of their transformation into the 7T and 7T Pro. The most notable changes will likely hit the 7T, which may see a shrunken front camera notch and a circular rear camera array.

(Image credit: @OnLeaks/Pricebaba)

Is the OnePlus 7T getting 5G?

There’s already a 5G version of the OnePlus 7 Pro, but Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, said in a recent interview with the Financial Times to expect a new 5G OnePlus phone by the end of this year. This could turn out to be a 7T Pro 5G that will be sold against the existing 7 Pro 5G, but we can at least dream of a standard 7T 5G that would make the entry price for 5G a whole lot lower than it is right now.

OnePlus 7T battery

Ishan Agarwal, a leaker on Twitter, posted that the battery for the 7T would be a 3,800mAh model, and the 7T Pro would get a 4,080mAh cell. That’s just 100mAh more than the 7’s 3,700mAh battery, and a mere 80mAh more than the 7 Pro’s 4,000mAh respectively.

It’s a little disappointing, particularly as the 7 Pro has a shorter battery life than some of its rivals its rivals and could do with improving in this area, but it’s an upgrade all the same.

The charging system is likely getting upgraded, too. Agarwal mentions that Warp Charge 30, OnePlus’ 30 watt fast charging system, is evolving into Warp Charge 30T, promising speeds of a 50% charge in 20 minutes and a full tank in 65 minutes. Given that in our test it took the 7 Pro 30 minutes to charge to 60%, this is a notable improvement.

(Image credit: SlashLeaks)

OnePlus 7T Display

Here’s where the 7T will be getting a major boost from its current 6.41-inch AMOLED screen. The new display (according to leaker Ishan Agarwal) is a 6.5-inch 2K AMOLED model with a 90Hz refresh rate and a smaller notch for the front camera. 

The 90Hz rumor has been supported by Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus who said in an interview with CNET that the company was releasing a cheaper device with a 90Hz display soon. The 90Hz display was one of the 7 Pro’s best features, and putting an equivalent screen on the cheaper model of the 7T will make it a very appealing budget option.

An improved back panel is also rumored. Max J of AllAboutSamsung claimed this was also a change coming to the 7T series, meaning there will be less glare on the screen, caused by light in the environment

OnePlus 7T Cameras

(Image credit: Ishan Agarwal)

The OnePlus 7 has two rear cameras - a 48MP main sensor and a 5MP secondary sensor, plus a 16MP selfie camera. The rear array is reportedly getting a major overhaul for the 7T: the 48MP main camera and 16MP selfie camera remains the same, but as Ishan Agarwal claims, the 5MP sensor is out, and 16MP and 12MP cameras are in. This is better than the current 7 Pro, so we could assume that the 7T Pro will also receive these rear lens upgrades, too.

In terms of features, Agarwal also mentions 960 FPS (as well as 240 and 480 FPS) slow motion video and wide-angle video, along with OnePlus’ Nightscape low-light photography mode. Nightscape is already on the standard 7, but perhaps this is meant to suggest coming upgrades to the mode, as well as the addition of slow-mo and wide-angle video, which we haven’t seen before.

In his 7T Pro tweet, Agarwal brings up a new macro mode, high efficiency video coding (HEVC), and hybrid image stabilization. These features will still make the Pro version’s cameras better, but it’s just hard to notice in the raw megapixel figures we have at the moment.

OnePlus 7T specs: CPU, RAM and storage

Ishan Agarwal’s tweet tells us that the OnePlus 7 series is upgrading from a Snapdragon 855 to an 855+ in both the standard and Pro versions of the phone. The 855+ is the enhanced version of the popular Snapdragon series CPU that we’ve been looking forward to seeing in a production phone.

As for memory, there’s allegedly two 8GB RAM models for the 7T, either with 128GB or 256GB storage. For comparison, the OnePlus 7 uses the Snapdragon 855 also offers the same two storage capacities, but the 128GB version has 6GB, meaning all 7Ts will be an improvement over the 7, but the cheapest version will get a slightly larger performance boost.

The 7T Pro, going by what OnLeaks and Compareraja have posted, is available in just one version, with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. That equals the existing mid-tier 7 Pro's specs, but since the top 7 Pro has 12GB RAM, it will be interesting whether the 7 Pro's RAM advantage will overcome the 7T Pro's alleged superior CPU in testing.

Some recent benchmark results from Geekbench 4 have been rumored to belong to the OnePlus 7T. The raised scores in comparison to other Snapdragon 855 phones seem to support the theory that the 7T series will use a Snapdragon 855+ processor. 


OnePlus phones use Android with its own launcher - OxygenOS - adding some additional features and refinements on top. The most recent version of OxygenOS is based on Android 9.0 Pie, but it’s suggested that the upcoming public release of Android 10 might be coming very quickly to the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro. If that’s true, then it would follow that the 7T and 7T Pro would also use the new operating system, and all the new upgrades and features that Android 10 includes.

The alleged 7T benchmark results show the phone running on Android 10, raising hopes that the new phones will use the latest version of Android out of the box.

Agarwal, in addition to all the other information he’s leaked about the 7T series’ hardware, says that OnePlus will offer a year of free cloud storage with its phones. We would have to see the terms of the offer to figure out if it’s worth it or not, but considering how useful Apple’s equivalent service, iCloud, can prove to be, this is a fresh and attractive proposition should it turn out to be true.

OnePlus 7T outlook

If you’ve already bought the OnePlus 7 Pro, you will probably quite happy that there’s not too much changing with the 7T Pro, whereas those who’ve waited for the T version might wonder why they bothered doing so. However, the standard 7T is much more interesting, gaining far more substantial upgrades based on rumors, including some headlining features like a 90Hz display and a triple rear camera array. 

How much extra these changes will cost, and where exactly these handsets will be available to buy will be the facts that determine many people’s purchases, since you can’t argue with the improvements OnePlus has apparently made to what was already a fantastic smartphone.