Apple's road map for next 3 years just tipped by leaker — here's all the new products on the way

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An Apple roadmap detailing big product announcements and feature upgrades has been produced by Samsung, and has been leaked to X/Twitter by tipster Revegnus for us all to see.

The roadmap comes from Samsung Securities, the part of the enormous South Korean conglomerate responsible for its financial services business. Therefore, as you might expect, it's in its best interests to have an idea of what the world's biggest tech company is up to. Several of these claims we've already heard about — but Samsung's analysis just adds additional weight to these rumors.

Update March 19: The Korean news outlet Alpha Business says that the first foldable iPhone will launch in early 2027

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The roadmap starts in 2023, which perhaps means this is a little outdated, or just that the creators wanted to get some easy wins off the bat. It references the iPhone 15 Pro's 8GB RAM upgrade, the iPhone 15 Pro Max's 5x periscope zoom upgrade and its titanium body. It also points to the Vision Pro, discussing its dual M2/R1 chipsets, microLED displays and eye-tracking cameras.

Vision Pro then tops the list of 2024 releases, bringing us up to the present day. Samsung Securities goes on to claim this year we'll see 11-inch and 13-inch iPads with OLED displays, (rumored to be iPad Pro OLED models specifically), and larger displays and 5x periscope cameras for both the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max models. There's no mention of the standard iPhone 16 though, perhaps meaning it expects only limited upgrades again for the basic new iPhone.

A roadmap of Apple's expected new products and features, allegedly prepared by Samsung Securities

(Image credit: Revegnus / X)

Apple in 2025: iPhone SE 4

Moving to next year, when the iPhone SE 4 will apparently turn up with a 6.1-inch OLED display and a 48MP camera. It'll be joined by triple 48MP cameras and 48MP front camera with optical image stabilization (OIS), presumably for the iPhone 17 Pro. 12GB RAM is also on the menu, as is a POL-LESS display, an upgraded OLED panel made by Samsung that makes the display thinner, brighter and more efficient.

Apple in 2026: Foldable iPhone, Cheaper XR headset

In 2026, we may finally get a foldable iPhone, the roadmap claims. This could be 6- and 8-inches according to the graphic, which suggests Apple's making a book-style foldable, rather than the flip-style one we'd expected. However, note that a separate report in the Korean publication Alpha Business says that the foldable iPhone could slip until early 2027

Beyond that, we can apparently also expect a cheaper XR headset to follow up the Vision Pro, OLED iPad Air and iPad mini models, and the first OLED MacBooks, which we'd assume are going to be Pro models because of the 14-inch and 16-inch sizes references.

The roadmap also claims Apple will adopt Samsung's faster and more efficient LLW DRAM, (as detailed by Tom's Hardware), and an infrared sensor panel, though we're not sure what this last one means precisely.

Apple in 2027: First AR glasses, foldable iPad 

At the end of the roadmap, marking 2027 onwards, Samsung Securities predicts Apple to produce its first AR Glasses with 1.4-inch RGD microOLED or microLED displays. As for its more established device lines, this is the year when we'll get a 20-inch foldable iPad according to Samsung Securities, which is odd since we had heard this would arrive before the foldable iPhone according to other sources.

To state the obvious, Apple seems to have a lot for us to look forward to on the way in the next few years. No doubt rivals, including Samsung Securities' colleagues over in its mobile arm, will have plenty to show off too, including more advanced tech than Apple's rumored to be using in some circumstances. But anyone looking to get foldables or XR/spatial computing devices specifically from Apple will be happy to know they're likely on the way.

To keep yourself updated when we hear more about the products referenced here, check in on our iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Pro, iPhone SE 4, iPad Pro 2024, Apple Glasses, MacBook Pro OLED, and iPhone Flip hubs regularly.

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