Xbox Series X UK restock: Game has new pre-orders live right now

Xbox Series X Game restock
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If you’re on the hunt for an Xbox Series X then you best get over to Game, as an Xbox Series X restock is now live at the UK’s biggest gaming retailer. 

Over the weekend Game confirmed, via a tweet, that it would have a limited quantity of Xbox Series X consoles available through the Xbox All Access scheme as well as offering the console as part of select bundles. 

Xbox Series X: from £449 @ Game

Xbox Series X: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">from £449 @ Game
Game has restocked the Xbox Series X. The console is currently available either via the Xbox All Access subscription service or as part of various bundles. 

The retailer has come through with this promise. Currently, the console is available in a variety of bundles, or if you’re looking to spread the cost of the console across several months you can also get the Xbox Series X with 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate through Xbox All Access. 

The All Access subscription service costs £20.99 a month over 24 months, and is a great way to get hold of an Xbox Series X without having to fork over a significant amount of money all at once — plus the inclusion of Game Pass Ultimate means you’ll always have something to play. 

If you want a console you best be quick, a virtual queue has already formed and stock is going fast. Thankfully we're not seeing queue times of more than an hour, as we have in the past with PS5 restocks, so it would seem that Microsoft is doing a much better job at meeting the demand for the Xbox Series X.

This is the first time that Game has restocked the Xbox Series X in several weeks, so once this fresh allocation sells out we could be waiting a little while before we see more stock. 

If you're unsuccessful with this latest Game restock, fear not. Make sure to bookmark our guide for where to buy an Xbox Series X in the UK and we'll give you the latest stock information as we get it. 

Bundles are the way to go

Game has a habit of offering the Xbox Series X in a variety of bundles. 

Some of these packages come with useful additional items, such as an extra controller or a rechargeable battery pack. Others, such as the ones that include an Xbox t-shirt or baseball cup, feel more like the retailer is trying to get rid of stock that won't shift on its own rather than giving customers products they will actually use. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to buying an Xbox Series X at Game, don't waste your time trying to grab a standalone console. Unless you're planning on picking one up on Xbox All Access (which is not available on the bundles).

The standalone console always sells out in seconds, so trying to get one in your basket is likely to just waste your time and see the more obtainable bundles sell out while you navigate endless 'this item is out of stock' pop-ups. 

Whenever Game restocks the Xbox Series X it puts the majority of stock into bundles. So if you want the best chance of securing a console then you're going to need to cough up more than the £449 RRP. 

If you're quick you can at least grab a package with some useful items, though if you have to settle for one that includes various Xbox-themed clothing at least you'll look the part when playing your next-gen console.

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