Windows 11 is getting an upgrade that will save you a ton of time

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Microsoft is taking steps to better integrate its OneDrive cloud storage with the File Explorer in Windows 11.

As spotted by Windows Latest, Windows Insider Build 22593 lets you set OneDrive as the default File Explorer folder, which will give you easy access to files stored in the cloud. This means you’ll no longer need to add a OneDrive folder to the Windows sidebar to access the cloud. 

TechRadar notes that File Explorer has always opened into a homepage that allowed quick access to items stored on the local drive. Instead, \you can now have the homepage launch OneDrive.

There’s also a new OneDrive icon located in the top right-hand corner of the File Explorer window. Clicking it opens a dropdown menu that shows information like your file syncing progress and storage capacity. You can use this menu to launch OneDrive in the web browser to adjust settings.

Microsoft Windows 11 running on an Apple MacBook laptop.

Launching straight into OneDrive will ease your workflow when using Windows 11. (Image credit: rawf8/Shutterstock)

Last week, Microsoft announced a slew of upcoming Windows 11 updates, with a redesigned File Explorer being among them. The new Home page option from this latest Windows 11 preview build is tied with the recent File Explorer update. As we now know, there will be multiple pages you can set as the default Home page, including OneDrive.

Integrating File Explorer and OneDrive is a smart move. While accessing OneDrive wasn’t particularly difficult in the past, being able to launch right into it will further streamline your work routine. This is especially true if you're a hybrid worker, as you’ll no longer have to worry about which files are stored on your work or home computer. You'll have peace of mind knowing all your files reside in OneDrive.

This feature is currently rolling out to members of the Windows Insider program. As such, we can’t say when or if it will release as a standard Windows 11 feature for the public. 

Still, it's clear that Microsoft is continuing its efforts to integrate Windows 11 with the cloud. Just last week, the Redmond-based tech giant announced it would integrate Windows 365 into Windows 11 using the operating system’s virtual desktop feature. Though said feature is aimed at businesses and office workers, being able to access one’s work via the cloud is something everyone can benefit from.

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