This hidden iPhone feature just went viral on TikTok

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A new viral TikTok video shows off a hidden iPhone and iPad feature, one that will make moving and organizing icons tremendously easier.

The video, uploaded by user kevin_benjis, allows users to simultanously move multiple apps from one screen to the next. As of publishing, his video has already amassed over 1.5 million views. Not bad for someone with only 14 thousand followers.


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Here's how it works. Users can hold down an icon. It will begin wiggling, indicating that it can now be moved.

Then, while holding down that first icon, users can then tap on other icons with another finger. Those icons will now be attached to that first icon.

Once all the desired icons have been gathers, users can simple drag to the screen of their choosing, and let go. All icons will now have been moved.

Interestingly, this is not a new feature. It was first shown off during the iOS 11 beta back in 2017. We're now currently on iOS 14, with the 14.5 public beta happening right now. But after a decade of iPhone software development, many handy features have slipped through without the majority of users noticing. 

For example, with the latest iPhone, there are 10 iPhone 12 features users should enable right away. This includes managing 5G data, fine-tuning Face ID, enabling picture-in-picture video, and using Apple ProRAW for photos.

And it's not just iPhone 12 users that should catch up on all the new tricks. People using older iPhones with iOS 14 have a wide array of tools to tinker with. 

Who knows, compiling some of these tricks into a video can make your clip go viral on TikTok too.

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