Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is getting a big upgrade — here’s what we know

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The entry-level Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 will reportedly have an OLED display. This is according to display analyst Ross Young, who posted the claim on Twitter.

After the Galaxy Tab S6, which had an OLED panel, Samsung reserved the display technology for the premium models of the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S8 series; with entry-level versions packing LCD panels. If Ross’ latest tweet is accurate, all three expected Galaxy Tab S9 tablets will have OLED displays. This would make the 11-inch tablet more enticing, and potentially earn it a spot on our best Samsung tablets and best Android tablets lists.

Beyond that, the Galaxy Tab S9 series is expected to receive notable upgrades from the current generation. Under the hood, the Tab S9 line will reportedly feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip as seen in the Galaxy S23. The entry-level model is said to have an 8,500mAh battery instead of the 8,000 mAh of its predecessor.

Another potential key upgrade is better dust and water protection. The Tab S9 line is said to boast a respectable IP67 waterproof rating, which will make it considerably more durable than its predecessor, which had no such rating.


If this latest report is accurate then the entry-level 11-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 will potentially be worth considering over its higher-end models. Though the Tab S9 Plus and Tab S9 Ultra will likely have more RAM and battery life than the base model, you don’t necessarily need those features if you mostly use tablets to watch videos or to read. The Tab S9 with an OLED display should be a great device for those activities.

With no official word about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 line, it’s best to take any information with a healthy dose of skepticism. If reports are true, then we might see Samsung’s flagship tablet series released in the latter half of 2023. Price is anyone’s guess, but the tablets could start at $699, $899 and $1,099 (respectively) like their current iterations.

Stay tuned for more about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9.

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