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Update: Unofficial mod support is coming to Elden Ring, here's everything you need to know

Elden Ring is an early-runner for game of the year, but some players have criticized the game’s lack of quest tracker. This omission is by design, but for some it’s a barrier to entry that is proving hard to overcome; that's where this new iPhone app comes in handy. 

The app is called Shattered Ring, and it seeks to address the game’s lack of traditional quest tracker by giving players the ability to keep tabs on important NPCs, locations and quests. The app is currently only available on iOS, and costs $2.99/£2.49, but if you’re finding keeping track of quests in Elden Ring a chore it may be well worth the investment. 

The Shattered Ring app isn’t a traditional game guide or a complete walkthrough, instead it’s very much a tracking tool. Information is entered by the user and can be referred back to as needed. It won’t so much tell you exactly what to do, but will instead help you piece together Elden Ring’s often deliberately cryptic clues. 

What’s really great about this app is it doesn’t rob players of the sense of discovery that Elden Ring thrives off. It doesn’t contain a whole bunch of spoilers and ruin some of the game’s biggest surprises. Instead, it’s merely a helpful companion that can make your adventures in the Lands Between a little easier to keep track of. 

Shattered Ring was developed by an Elden Ring player called Dachary Carey who isn’t an app developer by trade. “I wanted to enjoy playing this game so badly that I wrote my very first app to solve what I think is a big accessibility barrier for a ton of more casual gamers like myself,” Carey told VGC.  

The app isn’t strictly limited to use with Elden Ring either. It could in theory be used for any RPG video game that offers plenty of side content but lacks an in-game quest tracker. The Shatter Ring's app store description also points out that it’s perfect for keeping track of character and quest information in table top role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

With a game as challenging as Elden Ring, you definitely want all the help you can get. So, if you’re struggling to keep track of which NPCs you’ve already met, and which locations you still need to explore, consider giving Shattering Ring a download. Make sure to also check out our helpful tips and our guide to Elden Ring’s various character classes

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