Microsoft Teams is getting a killer feature Zoom can't match

Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft Teams' new multiple account feature sounds simple, but it could be a great reason to drop Zoom.

As spotted by Windows Latest, an in-development option allows users to access multiple accounts simultaneously. If you're in a line of work where you have several different email addresses to manage, this will allow you to use them all as if they're one profile, without needing to log out of one to access another.

You can find the option within the Teams Settings menu once the setting goes live. It'll likely arrive soon for testing versions of Teams, but normal users may have to wait a bit longer.

Zoom users with multiple accounts have to manage these accounts separately by logging in and out as needed. This is naturally a lot more fiddly than what Teams will now allow you to do.

Other changes found in the new version are custom profile pages to help make users more distinct or feel like part of the same company. There's also an incoming improvement to meeting links that allows users to access things such as files and chat messages after the meeting has ended.

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  • rodneybrazil
    Nice feature, but my guess is most people won't need to access multiple accounts. Even the couples I know that share a PC don't need multiple accounts--you just change your Name on the screen.