iPhones running iOS 15 have a battery problem — and Spotify may be the culprit

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Spotify has now acknowledged that its music streaming app app may be causing a significant battery drain and overheating on iPhones running on OS 15, following a series of complaints coming from the users. 

In a statement, the company says it's passed the issue onto its technical iOS team for further investigation, though there's no set date yet for when a fix would be available. But we're guessing Spotify could deliver such a fix through a firmware update or troubleshooting steps. In the meantime, users that are experiencing similar issues are asked to click on the "+Vote" and "Subscribe" buttons to be notified of any developments. 

The newly released iOS 15 features a slew of substantial upgrades, including a new notifications format, Live Text and more. However, to a number of users, such upgrades are coming at a price. Many have reported that the new software update has apparently messed with the paired devices, such as the Apple Watch and the AirPods. 

And it appears that the iOS 15 is also affecting third-party applications too, one of which is Spotify. The music streaming service apparently drains nearly 30% of your iPhone's battery per hour, which means that running the app for around 3 hours could leave the phone without any power. Spotify also acknowledged that some users might be experiencing overheating issues too, though there's no estimate on the exact temperatures provided. 

"I have to delete Spotify as my iPhone11 is dangerously hot and feels like it will either melt or explode," one user shared in a Spotify thread. 

From what we can tell from the comments under the thread, a number of users are now looking to cancel their premium subscription and even considering to potentially move to Spotify's rival app, Apple Music. One user has compared the battery drain rate and shared the following:

"My Phone still chewing through 30-40% battery each hour if using Spotify. 
Apple Podcast app works fine.  3% drain / hour."

We're unable to confirm whether the above figures are indeed accurate as we haven't done any benchmarking ourselves. Regardless, it seems to be quite an excessive battery drain. 

In a support comment, Spotify Moderator has suggested that users run "a clean reinstall" and see if the issue persists.

For this, you need to open Spotify and access the app's setting. From there, tap on Storage and select Delete Cache. You would then open your iPhone Settings, tap on General and select iPhone Storage followed by Spotify. From there, you can offload the app by tapping on Delete App. After you restart your phone, just install Spotify again, though be aware that following these steps won't guarantee an instant fix. 

If you haven't installed iOS 15 just yet, make sure to take a look at our iOS 15 page, in which we've covered all of the new features and tested the software update ourselves. 

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