iPhone 16 Pro tipped for killer camera and connectivity upgrades — what we know

iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro cameras
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The iPhone 15 series may have only just arrived, but we have already started hearing rumors about its successor — the iPhone 16. There’s a new tip floating around the web, and this one has revealed some of the upgrades that may be coming to the iPhone 16 Pro.

An investor note from Haitong International Securities’ Jeff Pu (via 9to5Mac) reveals the analyst’s predictions for the iPhone 16 line-up — with information gathered from sources within Apple's supply chain. The first prediction is that Apple will be increasing the sizes of the new iPhones to 6.3-inches and 6.9-inches.

That’s 0.2 inches larger than current models, and is a rumor we’ve already heard from other sources. It also means that Apple could have enough space to add the new tetra-prism lens to the iPhone 16 Pro, giving it the same 5x optical zoom as the iPhone 15 Pro Max. 

The Pro models may also be getting a new 48-megapixel ultrawide sensor, finally upgrading the 12MP lens that iPhones have been using for the past three generations. Sadly, the standard iPhone 16 and 16 Plus may be sticking with the 12MP lens for another year.

But there’s more to it than just camera improvements, according to Pu. Unsurprisingly he expects the iPhone 16 Pro to run on the A18 Pro chipset complete with 8GB of RAM. As for the two non-Pro iPhone 16s, Pu claims that they’ll be powered by a less-powerful A17 chip — i.e. not the same A17 Pro we currently have in the iPhone 15 Pro. This chip will apparently have 8GB of RAM, up from 6GB.

It’s also claimed that the Pro models could come with improved connectivity thanks to the inclusion of Wi-Fi 7 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X75 modem. It’s another source claiming that we won’t see Apple’s homemade 5G modem next year. However the new “5G Advanced” standard means the X75 can reach download speeds of up to 7.5Gbps. Sadly these are more upgrades that the non-Pro models are currently predicted to miss out on.

We still have to wait almost a year before Apple unveils the iPhone 16 series, which means we’re going to have to be patient. But you can catch up on all the latest news and rumors in our iPhone 16 hub

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