iPhone 13 — a whopping 44% of iPhone owners say they'll buy one

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro
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For those still holding on to older iPhones hoping to upgrade to the iPhone 13 later this year, be sure to lock in a pre-order as demand could be very high.

That's according to a new survey by SellCell (via 9to5Mac). Per SellCell, purchase intent of the iPhone 13 is at 44% for current iPhone owners. Considering that Apple is reportedly boosting production by 20% to 90 million units, it suggests that the phone maker too is anticipating tremendous demand.

Apple has also reportedly brought in a new Chinese supplier known as Luxshare. The Cupertino-based company could be attempting to diversify its supply chain to prevent low supply during an already volatile components situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Of all the upcoming models, the standard rumored 6.1-inch iPhone 13 was most wanted by survey participants, at 38.2% of potential buyers. It was followed by the 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max at 30.8%, the iPhone Pro at 24% and the iPhone 13 mini at a paltry seven percent. 

The online survey took place between July 28 and August 6. It included over 3,000 iPhone owners aged 18 or older in the United States.

Apart from the increased demand, the survey also found that fans are anticipating higher-refresh displays and a smaller notch or notch-less design. Unsurprisingly, a portless design was the least anticipated feature (which likely isn't happening), along with Wi-Fi 6E and reverse wireless charging. 

Interestingly, while 27.3% of survey participants are looking forward to buying the rumored Apple Watch Series 7, only 12.9% are interested in the rumored AirPods 3

The most bizarre tidbit from another survey SellCell conducted was that 18.3% of iPhone users reported that they were triskaidekaphobic, or have a fear of the number 13. From that survey, a massive 74% said they would prefer a different name for the iPhone 13. Well, while they might prefer it, t's likely not enough of a factor to prevent a purchase. 

Do note, SellCell doesn't have advanced information of what the iPhone 13 will hold. Instead, the company is likely using past reports and other leaks to use as a test bed for survey questions.

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