iPhone 12 is bringing back the MacBook's best feature — here's how

iPhone 12 magnetic wireless charging coil
(Image credit: EveryThingApplePro) (Image credit: EveryThingApplePro)

One of the best things Apple ever did was develop MagSafe. The magnetic connector kept your MacBook recharged, but also would ensure the cable disconnected without damaging itself or the laptop if someone tugged or tripped over it.

MagSafe died back in 2016 when Apple added USB-C to its then new MacBook Pros, but a new leak claims it could be resurrected as a new kind of wireless charging for the iPhone 12.

This news comes from the leaker ‘Kang’ over on Chinese social media site Weibo. According to Kang, the term MagSafe will return at next week’s iPhone 12 event, though it won’t be the same technology as the one long-time MacBook Pro enthusiasts will be familiar with.

Kang doesn’t elaborate much, just that MagSafe will be the name Apple uses for the iPhones 12’s wireless charging, but we can make a few educated guesses. We’ve already seen leaked pictures that show a strange ring of magnets around the iPhone 12’s magnetic coil. The same magnetic coil that makes wireless charging possible.

It’s been speculated that the magnets are there for a “snap in” system that would likely better secure the iPhone 12 to a suitable wireless charging pad. MagSafe would naturally be the obvious name for such a system, since it would likely stop iPhones being accidentally knocked or moved while it’s recharging.

It would also stop people from putting the phone down on a part of the pad where it won’t be able to recharge.

Kang also says that there will be a number of MagSafe accessories on the way, including a MagSafe charger and a “MagSafe Duo charger.” It’s pretty safe to assume that the Duo charge can recharge two products at once, be they iPhones or some other compatible device.

The only question is whether iPhone 12 owners will need to replace their old wireless charging pad, or if they’ll be able to upgrade it with some sort of MagSafe accessory. Thankfully we only have to wait until Tuesday to find out for sure.

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