Spotify news: New Lyrics feature lets you get into your Karaoke groove

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Spotify is a fantastic service for finding and listening to all kinds of music, but if you fancy singing along, you typically have to search for the lyrics yourself. Until today’s update, that is.

As first spotted by Android Police (via 9to5Google), the lyrics to the song you’re listening to will pop up beneath the track controls in both the mobile and desktop versions of Spotify, courtesy of lyrics service Musicxmatch. If you want to see just the words, you can tap the appropriate box to bring them up, with a handy highlight showing you which part of the song you’re on.

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If you’re not sure if a song supports this new feature, check the track in the album or playlist. You’ll find a white box with "Lyrics" written inside it underneath the song name if it works with this new feature.

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Spotify previous provided limited acces to lyrics via the Genius-powered “Behind the Lyrics” box on select songs. However this only displays some words while also explaining the song’s context, whereas the new features is lyrics-only. Whether this will replace the Behind the Lyrics box is uncertain at this time.

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Spotify's lyrics have yet to go live on the iPhone 11 Pro used by this writer, but the feature appears to be rolling out to iOS and Android phones and internet browsers everywhere in the near future.

If you’ve not got Spotify yet, then why not try a subscription? You can get a neat discount if you’re a student or sign up for a family plan.

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