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iPad 8
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The iPad 8 may look the same as its predecessor, but it got one of the most important changes of all — a brand new processor. And you won't have to wait very long to see how snappy Apple's new tablet is compared to previous iPads.

Apple has already started taking pre-orders on the iPad 8, which starts at $329. The new tablet goes on sale tomorrow (Sept. 18).

iPad 8: $329 @ Apple Store

iPad 8: $329 @ Apple Store
The iPad 8 features a new A12 Bionic processor that improves performance over previous generations. The base model comes with 32GB of storage, but you can upgrade to 128GB for $100 more. There's also a Wi-Fi + cellular version of the tablet.

The most noteworthy change to the iPad 8 is located inside the 10.2-inch tablet. It now runs on an A12 Bionic processor, the same chip found in Apple's current iPhone lineup. Apple says to expect a 40% performance boost over the A10 Fusion chip that powered previous iPads.

If that sounds like something you want to get your hands on right now, here are the prices and configurations Apple is offering for the iPad 8. (Interested in the iPad Air 4 instead? We've also got a guide on how to pre-order the iPad 4.)

iPad 8 prices and configurations

The iPad 8 starts at $329 for a 32GB model that connects to Wi-Fi. You can buy the device outright or pay it off in 12 monthly installments of $27.41. If you want cellular connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi, the starting price for the iPad 8 increase to $459 (or $38.25 per month for 12 months). You'll also need to sign up for a data plan with your wireless provider to get cellular service on your iPad.

Besides the 32GB option, you can also opt for a 128GB model. That adds $100 to the cost of any iPad 8 you buy.

You've got three color options for the iPad 8, and they're pretty familiar ones — silver, gold and space gray.

Apple offers educational pricing for schools and universities starting at $299. Individual students and teachers can get the iPad 8 for $309.

iPad 8 deals

We expect to see more iPad 8 deals once the iPad goes on sale, but Apple does offer rebates if you trade-in an eligible device. Those rebates are available instantly if you pay for your iPad 8 in monthly installments or as a credit after you send in your trade-in device. Trade-in values vary depending on what model you're turning in and what condition it's in.

Verizon also plans to offer the cellular version of the iPad 8 starting Sept. 18. You can pay $459 for the tablet or pay it off in 24 monthly installments of $19.16.

iPad 8 (with cellular): $459 @ Verizon

iPad 8 (with cellular): $459 @ Verizon
The iPad 8 is available for $459 ($19.16/month for 24 months) from Verizon, which is also offering discounts with trade-ins for Apple's new tablet. 

Verizon also offers a $100 rebate when you trade in your old-tablet, and it's promising $50 off select tablets, including the new iPad. Buy an iPhone on a payment plan at Verizon, and you can also pick up an iPad for $100 off. Stack all three of these deals to save up to $250 on your new tablet.

In addition to Verizon, T-Mobile also sells the iPad 8. There's no deals at this time for the tablet, but T-Mobile lets you buy the iPad 8 for $18 a month in 24 monthly installments after you put $27.99 down.

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