Elden Ring’s director tries not to look at user feedback

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Elden Ring has been a surefire game of the year contender ever since it launched back in February, and by now, just about everyone knows it. Reviewers showered it in accolades, and gamers bought it in droves. The game’s director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, is well aware of just how successful Elden Ring has been. However, while he appreciates how much fans love the game, he’s cautious about listening too closely to their feedback.

Miyazaki spoke with Japanese gaming publication Famitsu about Elden Ring’s success, and VGC translated the proceedings. Elden Ring recently won two PlayStation Partner Awards, including a coveted Users’ Choice award, and Miyazaki was thrilled. “I am very grateful and feel honored,” he said.

Personally, I try not to look directly at user feedback, That’s because I can’t listen to all the users’ opinions.

At the same time, the longtime FromSoftware director wants to keep his creative process from getting bogged down with too many outside suggestions:

“I try not to think about [the game’s success] too much, because it could become a distraction when I make the next project … Personally, I try not to look directly at user feedback,” Miyazaki said. “That’s because I can’t listen to all the users’ opinions. I’m afraid that if I do, the voices and opinions I happen to hear will have a strong influence on my future decisions, so I’m careful not to put other opinions directly into my own mind.”

What's after Elden Ring?

As for what Miyazaki’s next project is, he hasn’t said. Earlier this year, the game’s publisher Bandai Namco hinted that Elden Ring would not be a standalone piece of media. According to a company representative, “We will continue our efforts in expanding the brand beyond the game itself and into everyone’s daily life.” Whether that means a DLC expansion, a full sequel, a comic book tie-in, or something else entirely is up for interpretation.

Still, even if Miyazaki doesn’t want to internalize too much fan feedback, he did express his gratitude for Elden Ring’s warm reception, particularly from first-time From players.

“There are many people who first played the same genre (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls series, etc.) with Elden Ring … I remember feeling really happy when I experienced Demon’s Souls for the first time,” he said. “It’s an exciting title to discover, and we’ve had an increase in new users. I was personally happy to hear that kind of feedback.”

With its open-world design and bevy of unique character builds, Elden Ring is indeed one of the more accessible games in From’s series of brutal action/RPGs. The difficulty curve is still high, and the game can be punishing at times. However, if social media is anything to go by, many players who bounced off of Dark Souls were able to complete Elden Ring. If you’re one of those stalwart players, then you’ve made the game’s director a happy man.

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